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TURNTEKK has extensive experience working with and engaging people of all ages, in a variety of settings. We aim to help build confidence, self esteem and create opportunities for participants to access culture in new and innovative ways. We run workshops in schools, prisons, PRUS, mental health rehabilitation clinics, youth centers and at festivals. We have written and delivered courses on behalf of the BBC. Typically working with between 50-100 young people per week, in the past 4 years, TURNTEKK has seen over 9000 young people attend and benefit from our workshops.

Here is an extract from a recent youth project we have helped deliver


Day £240

Half day £120

Hourly £40

We are coved up to 10,000,000 personal liability and hold current CRB checks.

Tuition available; 


Human Beat-Boxing / Multi Vocalism 

Basic to advanced techniques including vocal kick, hi hat and snare, tut and hum basic rhythm, Beat-box tab (reading and writing), SFX, mic technique, breathing techniques, advanced rhythm, time signatures and beat-box history. 


Music Production 

Recording, editing, effects, processing, programming, song structure, arranging, mixing. 



Flow, Style, Rhythm, Beats, Lyric writing, Rhyming, art-form history

DJing / Turntablism 

Signal flow, equipment operation, mixing/blending, fader techniques, time signatures, beats and bars, vinyl manipulation, scratching, history of the art-form. 



Basic to advanced levels in footwork, freezes, top rock, power moves. Introduction to the history of Break-dance. 



Guitar, bass, drums & percussion, keys and vocals.